Quantcast Assessing Project Effectiveness

assessing the effectiveness of the project. Monthly monitoring of a few key factors (such as
dissolved oxygen or chlorophyll a) can provide useful information.
When funds are available for more extensive water quality monitoring, essential tasks and
elements include:
Developing a monitoring plan based on clearly stated water quality monitoring
objectives. Include in the plan: monitoring design, agency roles, laboratory and quality
assurance and control procedures, data storage plans, reporting requirements, personnel
needs, and costs.
Collecting sufficient pre-, during -, and post-project data to document water quality
changes. In large watersheds with lakes, water quality changes often occur gradually and
monitoring for five to 10 years, or longer, may be required to confirm changes that can be
linked to land treatment.
Assessing Project Effectiveness
Evaluate data with project objectives and goals clearly in mind. A consistent improving trend in
water quality after BMP system implementation may provide evidence needed to attribute water
quality improvements to land treatment.
Consider interviewing (pre- and post-project) participants and people who were eligible but
chose not to participate in the project to assess the effectiveness of education efforts.
Report successes and failures periodically to provide feedback to project participants and agency
staff on the results of their efforts. Make results available to the community to enhance public
education and contribute to more effective management of water quality problems in the future.
Keys to Success
Choose a Viable Project
Choose a water resource that needs restoration or protection and is valued by community
Document the Problem
Document the water quality problem and its source.
Define Objectives and Goals
Define obtainable objectives and goals.
Involve the Community


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