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Selection of Site-specific Stabilization Techniques
retards. Other flow deflectors, such as bendway weirs and Iowa vanes, being submerged at
least part of the time, have less of a visual impact with respect to the duration of the impact.
Vegetation is aesthetically suitable for almost all applications, but since native species,
or species commonly used in landscaping, may not be the most effective erosion protection,
a compromise may be necessary. Preserve Cultural Resources
Presence of an archaeological site or other cultural resource may influence the choice
of a stabilization method in two ways:
A method which requires bank grading or excavation may not be acceptable
if the site would be disturbed.
A method which provides total erosion control may be dictated if the site is
very close to a highly erodible bank. Bank filling and armoring, rather than
an indirect protection method would then be appropriate.
The hard realities of authority and available resources may preclude a totally
satisfactory solution. If no stabilization approach would preserve the cultural resource, and
at the same time meet engineering and economic requirements, then relocation of the cultural
resource, or in the case of an archaeological site, exploration and salvage, may be the only
feasible alternative. If the value of the site is unknown, then exploration and evaluation may
be necessary to determine if stabilization is justified. If the bank is failing rapidly and
exploration cannot be done immediately, an inexpensive temporary stabilization work may be
appropriate in the interim. The temporary work should be compatible with the method likely
to be chosen for permanent stabilization if the site proves worthy of preservation.
The following economic factors influence the selection of bank stabilization measures
for a specific project:
Cost of alternative techniques;
Available resources; and
Feasibility of incremental construction.
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