Vegetative Methods for Erosion Protection
failure. Vegetation can have a particularly important role in the stabilization of upper bank
Vegetation is especially appropriate for environmentally sensitive projects, whether
benefits to recreation, esthetics, or wildlife is the object.
Vegetation is well-suited for incremental construction, either to wait for more
favorable planting conditions for specific types of vegetation or to wait for deposition of
sediments in the area to be planted. Vegetation is also suitable for inexpensive reinforcement
or repair of existing erosion protection works in some situations.
Woody vegetation is useful in preventing or repairing scour at or behind top of bank,
especially if the scour resulted from an infrequent flood event which is not likely to recur
before the vegetation becomes effective.
Woody vegetation is sometimes used to prevent floating debris from exiting the
channel during floods and becoming a nuisance in the floodplain.
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