Monitoring and Maintenance of Stabilization Works
Ideally, each project will have a single person who is responsible for the technical
aspects of its monitoring, and for providing evaluation and recommendations to decision-
makers, although other persons will be involved as appropriate for specialized technical input,
and for training and continuity in the event of personnel changes.
Agency regulations may specify the personnel to be involved in monitoring,
particularly if the bank protection work is part of a broader project purpose, such as flood
control. However, even if such guidance exists for a particular project, it may be advisable
to supplement those required personnel with others who were involved in the design of the
work, such as environmental specialists, vegetative experts, or others. The cost of involving
such specialists will be small compared to the potential benefits.
If circumstances prevent the close involvement of those who planned and designed
the work, it is even more important that the non-technical personnel who are responsible for
monitoring and maintenance be involved early in the planning and design process. In addition
to perhaps having provided useful input at that point, they will also be better prepared to later
monitor the work.
Particular attention must be paid to two areas at which scour or failures can quickly
lead to the work becoming ineffective or requiring extensive rehabilitation:
The toe of the protection.
Bank connections at the upstream and downstream ends of the protection, or
in the case of indirect protection, all bank connections.
Other important items to be monitored will vary with the type of protection and
stream characteristics. Examples are:
Interior drainage components of impermeable revetments. Evidence of voids
forming underneath rigid armor should be especially noted.
Upper bank slope where structural components transition to the natural bank
material or vegetation, including areas where overbank drainage returns to the
stream. Flood flows may have scoured or otherwise disturbed this zone.
Although this may not result in major failure of the work, it can generate
considerable concern for the landowner or sponsor.
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