Monitoring and Maintenance of Stabilization Works
Failures in streambank protection work is occasionally so extensive that major
reconstruction is necessary. Determining responsibility for, and funding of, that work may
become complicated. Whether repairs should be done under maintenance authority and
funding, or construction, or "rehabilitation," or some other authority, will depend upon the
authorities applicable to the project, and the nature of the failure and the proposed remedial
Rights of way may be a problem in monitoring and maintenance. Ideally, adequate
arrangements will have been made as part of the initial construction rights of way. If not,
when the need for rights of way for monitoring and maintenance does arise, consideration
should be given to obtaining it for the life of the project, as least for monitoring purposes. The
practicality of doing so will depend upon such factors as project authorities, land use, attitude
of the affected landowners, and the nature of easement required. Rights of way at the
worksite itself is not usually a problem, since maintenance is to the landowner's best interests.
However, acquiring access from other landowners is more likely to be difficult.
Repair work may need to include the removal of failed portions of the protection work
which might be a hazard if left in place . Two potential hazards are:
Injury to persons or animals traversing the bank. Examples of situations
which may cause injury are: jagged broken piling; loose wires or cables in
flexible mattress; severe irregularities in the bank caused by scour, settlement,
or return flows, particularly if obscured by vegetation.
Timber components of failed indirect protection structures being carried
downstream by the flow to lodge on bridges or other structures in the stream.
Zoning regulations to prevent the public from building structures too close to the
protection work or the stream bank may be advisable. This management practice was
adopted on the Willamette River in Oregon.
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