Quantcast CHAPTER 13: Closing (Cont.)

C Aspects of management and contracting for construction of stabilization methods;
C Monitoring and maintenance of stabilization.
Stream bank stabilization is not a simple matter of sizing armor material large enough
to resist fluvial entrainment, placing the armor at locations of bank erosion, and moving to
the next eroding site. As we have attempted to emphasize throughout this document, a
cookbook approach to bank stabilization is the embodiment of the phrase, complex problems
often have quick and simple wrong answers. Although this first attempt in developing a
bank stabilization handbook is in excess of 300 pages and requires a significant effort by the
user, we firmly believe that the effort to consider the full range of topics in a bank stabilization
design is worth the effort. Proper streambank stabilization is a complex problem without
quick and simple answers.
This handbook will be used by persons of a wide diversity of experience and
education, we would appreciate your comments and suggestions for enhancement of the
document. Please contact:
Dr. David Biedenharn
3909 Halls Ferry Rd.
Vicksburg, MS 39180


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