General topics considered important by previous participants for further discussion:
1. Educating the community is considered to be extremely important. People need to be informed of
problems, why the problems exist, what can be done about the problem, why the problem should be
fixed, and what will it take (time, money, resources) to fix the problem.
2. Financial coordination is imperative since in most cases funds and resources will be required from
many sources. Diverse funding sources are necessary.
3. Management efforts are often influenced by time constraints such as required spending in a fiscal
year. More flexible use of finances should be available to implement management techniques. The
funding should fit the implementation not the reverse.
4. Targeting funding to areas that contribute the most to the problem or that may respond best to
management techniques should be incorporated into planning processes.
5. Preventive investment should be supported at a higher rate/level.
6. Volunteer monitoring, media coverage, and project visibility help create environmental responsibility
and a sense of ownership that heightens awareness of problems and solutions.
7. Compare state programs and approaches. Encourage interstate exchange of ideas, especially with
more successful programs.
8. Cost-effectiveness Analysis by Levine (published by Sage publications) might come in handy when
trying to put a dollar value on some of the unquantifiable things like a clean environment.
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