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Fontane, Labadie, and Loftis (1982) developed an objective-space dynamic programming tool
to determine the optimum reservoir operational for long-term operation. This tool involved minimizing
or maximizing the deviation between some in-reservoir or release water quality and a predetermined
water quality criteria.
Howington (1989) used this technique to develop an operational strategy for the Lost Creek
intake structure. In this investigation, the objective was to minimize the deviation between the release
water temperature and downstream temperature target.
Bonazountas and Camboulives (1981) investigated the use of optimization in operating a series
of reservoirs with flood control and water quality constraints. Their investigation used three objective
functions and involved a complicated hierarchical optimization process to arrive at operating conditions.
Willey, Smith, and Duke (1985) developed a reservoir system analysis model to simulate water
quality within a large reservoir system. This model, which can simulate up to 10 reservoirs with eight
water quality parameters, uses a linear programming algorithm to determine operating conditions for a
system of reservoirs with user-specified control points. It has been applied to the Sacramento River
system, which has five reservoirs. Summary
Operation of a multipurpose reservoir may lead to conflicting impacts on the water quality of
the project. For example, operation of hydropower from a deep stratified reservoir may result in a
discharge with low dissolved oxygen. If operational alternatives exist, such as selective withdrawal
capabilities or the capability is under design, optimization techniques may provide operational or design
guidance to minimize deviations from project objectives. This technique requires the coupling of a
numerical model with mathematical optimization techniques to conduct simulations of reservoir
operations on release.
Applications of this technique are found primarily in the operation of multilevel selective
withdrawal outlet structures. Several examples of applications to reservoir projects were presented.
Table 4.4.5 presents a summary of information on this technique.


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